— What the heck is involved in determining the shape?

The custom drawing (shape) will give you a pretty accurate idea of how your eyebrows will look when the procedure is finalized. Sometimes it is hard to truly visualize the final shape so some trust fall will be required and that is A-OK. We can handle the pressure.

During this time we will, as a team (you and I) will determine your shape: thickness, where your arch will be and height, where your brow starts and ends, what color options work for you skin tones: overtones and undertones. Many things we take into consideration. Again, long term relationship.

We want to be on the same page and have both parties be content with the final decision. This is a no “I” in team situation. In the end we are the licensed professional and have the final decision but this is your body, face and life so we must work together. We are not asking you to be critical and have strong opinions but we are asking for your input. #healthyrelationship


— The actual procedure: Cosmetic Tattooing

So you’ve made it past the preliminary consult and we’ve arrived at the BIG day.

The last step to “growing” brows! You’ll arrive, on time of course  and the first thing we will do is apply pre-numbing cream to the area ( 5% lidocaine for those who must know)

While you are “marinating”, we will complete the intake/release form. We will go over the fine details, like what to expect after (emotionally & physically) emotional emoji chart included , home care, do’s and don’ts, schedule your follow up 6 week appointment, answer any final questions, concerns, take joy in your excitement and woes. We call this the golden opportunity moment. So respectfully, please DO NOT hesitate to ask and this is the time to share thoughts, concerns, joys or fears. Heck, print out questions prior to coming in.


— Does it hurt and how scared should I be?

Depending on your pain tolerance, the procedure may be painless, or you may feel minimum discomfort. On pain scale, 0 being nothing at all and 10 being the worst pain you can imagine, it is a 3/10. Some areas hurt more than others, some none at all. Some parts sting some do not. It’s all relative to you. Just like your brows being unique, so is your reaction.

Please note, you are always free to opt out of pre-numbing. We understand we carry different believes/views. We do however use a different, quick acting numbing pain reliever after the procedure has started, it contains epinephrine so please let us know if you have an allergy to it (we will ask in advance)

— How long will it take once we get started?

This step “usually” takes about an hour to an hour and a half. During this time we will work with you laying down on a super comfy massage table and at some point during process we will have you sit up to view it straight on (eyes open and closed). We will show you (if you prefer) and ask your opinion, well possibly ask your opinion on where future strokes where go, so expect this a few times during the process. Up, down, up down…. : )

— How often do I need to come back in?

This is a permanent procedure, however since it does not go as deep as a “permanent” tattoo, you can expect to return once a year for touch ups on strokes. Some strokes will last longer than other strokes created. We will also cover oily skin folks vs. not oily skin folks and results based on that. So it is a loaded question with an unclear answer so to the best of our experience and our fellow mentors you can expect a visit to us once per year or here and there as needed.

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