Current openings: Bee Hive full however we would still love to hear from you as we are always reviewing responses and love to meet new talent.

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Front Desk Coordinator


Our commitment to our work runs deep; it's not merely a job but a lifestyle we embrace wholeheartedly.

It's an honor to contribute positively, elevating self-assurance and belief. We firmly uphold that our hive's prowess emanates from our outstanding team and our bee guests. Every outstanding experience is the result of seamless teamwork, all fueled by the fundamental principle that our bee guests come first.

We prioritize the welfare and lifestyle of our team. Our workspace is crafted to blend aesthetics with an environment that nurtures excellent teamwork and culture. Moreover, we offer comprehensive support, benefits, fair compensation, and significant opportunities for both personal and professional development.

Would you like to pursue your passions, and enjoy:

  • Steady paychecks
  • Team goals
  • A team of co-workers who want you to succeed
  • Positive team culture
  • Training program
  • Advanced spa education
  • No product charges, bookkeeping, or taking work home with you
  • A clear career path
  • Much, much more!

If you're determined, motivated, and goal-driven individual seeking opportunities for learning, growth, and a sense of belonging within our spa community, we invite you to complete the form by simply clicking Esthetician above and join us in experiencing something truly exceptional.