Lash Brow Primer & Thickener


Rid yourself of unnecessary drama in your life, but amp up the drama factor in your brows with a first of its kind. Our Lash Brow Primer & Thickener amps lashes and brows with length and volume, conditions and nourishes.

It’s everything you could want.

  • Use as a base coat before mascara or brow mascara
  • Amplifies lashes and brows with length and volume
  • Can be worn alone at night as a conditioner
  • Developed to nourish and enhance brows and lashes
  • No plastics or sealers
  • Perfect for sensitive eyes
  • Dye free

Want to get creative? Mix your brow shadow into the Lash Extending Primer & Brow Thickener and then apply your brow color with our Slant brush for extra creativity, color options and looks. Use our tinted Brow Fixx Mascara after in Brunette & Blondie for extra thickness and color. Apply more than one layer to customize look.

Optional: Apply our clear Brow Ware Gel Mascara at the end for a glossy look to brows.

Brush on brows before applying any brow shadow, brow mascara or pencil. Product goes on whitish, dries to a matte clear. Let dry and then apply your Elke brow shadow, pencil or colored brow mascara.

Primer helps set your brow color. Thickener thickens fine and thin brow hairs and keeps unruly brow hairs in place.

Can be used on both lashes & brows before mascara and our Tinted Brow Fixx.

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